To Inspire and Be Inspired.

Mikros Kosmos


Warriors of Mikros Kosmos

Hope are warriors in this mikros kosmos
Withstanding evil hurricanes as Time goes
Watching, waiting for Mother Sun to shine
Surviving Greed that are making them blind.

They explore the nexus of Life and Love
And hold their hands to the stars above
On crude syllogism they dutifully stand
Beyond this mikros kosmos, they will transcend.

Bit by bit they are embodied with flesh
They draw their swords and battle in blue
Against Anger their weapons clash
To Greatness and Joy they remain true.

Upon the crestfallen look of old nemesis called Sorrow
Mikros kosmos bloom with flowers and rainbow
And Light bring in friendship, from the citizens of Cope
As the ultimate reward for the obedient, loyal Hope.

Kneel them before you, raise them as Knight
Keep them strong and always in sight
In your mikros kosmos they will swim and fly
And swear to the Heavens, never will they die.

A poem by wonderful friend of mine, Baizulikha Aminullah.


It is so beautiful when words and photos goes together..and yet why sometime people just can’t complement each other..

Love all,

MKhalid Ibrahim


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