good bye 2009

good bye 2009

dear 2009,
you’re a toughest one, u made me make a decision of life. u gave me valuable lessons, but also left me in deep uncertainty. though, i have no regret. that’s the point of life, to learn, to laugh, to love, to remember, to live and to find the true meaning of it. i still remember, i used to wonder how unstructured life would be and without noticing, i’m living in it now. tasting every single scent of it. cherishing every spontaneous moment i made. enjoying every small thing in it. thanks for making me made my decision dear.

till then, good bye 2009.


hello twenty ten!

let’s be more unstructured, i’m so going to do whatever i want to do, live wherever i want to live. after all, i’m just a small human exploring the big world. writing, defining, chapter by chapter of life journal.

with big heart,
MKhalid Ibrahim.


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