the Departure – ITINERARY 2

the Departure is my 1st photo essay to document all my travels in abstract and straightforward images. Numbers, seats, movements, lights, terminals, buses, trains, planes, stranger and yet familiar faces with their own expression are the main particles of the Departure. To capture and embrace the priceless moment that been forgotten by crowd are the reason for me to come out with this photo essay.

the Departure will be presented in series of black & white photographs.

Inspired by Ricardo Cezar.

Itinerary 2
: Kuala Lumpur – Penang, December 2009.

Penang holds priceless memories of me. This is the place that I got my 1st camera. I still remember that day, with a new camera on my hand and the tripod on my back, I explored Georgetown alone. Walk trough old shop lot buildings, stop by street stalls to buy drinks and snap photos without even read the camera’s manual yet.
This time my trip to Penang was more happening, I tried things that I haven’t done yet in previous trips. I took train, ferry, bus, fisherman boat and car cable to reach my destination. Not to forget I also went to Penang Jazz Festival, it was incredible performances. And ohh..I always love Penang’s food so much. Now, I already miss Penang badly.

MKhalid Ibrahim
December 10th, 2009.


9 thoughts on “the Departure – ITINERARY 2

  1. Hey there, wow, fantastic series! well done again! I like the effects and the way you presented the photos as well, very creative and very captivating. If this series was a book, I would call it “a page turner”.

  2. its been so long, i didnt visit ur blog.. once i do, i cant resist myself to keep on repeating watching the same pics.. nice photo essay bro..

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