the Departure

the Departure is my 1st photo essay to document all my travels in abstract and straightforward images. Numbers, seats, movements, lights, terminals, buses, trains, planes, stranger and yet familiar faces with their own expression are the main particles of the Departure. To capture and embrace the priceless moment that been forgotten by crowd are the reason for me to come out with this photo essay.

the Departure will be presented in series of black & white photographs.

Inspired by Ricardo Cezar.

M.Khalid Ibrahim

Itinerary 1
: Kuala Lumpur – Malacca, November 2009.


9 thoughts on “the Departure

  1. the Departure for me is a starting point, u start a journey to what or where ever your destination matter how good or well organized your preparation if u still not depart, then u’re not ‘on road’ yet. got what i mean x jade?

  2. Nevermind. I’m really happy to find out that my works are being used as an inspiration, although yours seems way better!!!!!!!!Honestly! 😉 What sort of camera do you use? I (unfortunately) cant afford a pro camera, so I find myself using a Canon Powershot A470, those worth $100, 8mp…
    I really loved the shades and very dark contrasts you used here, actually I love it! Im about to re-open my old blog for visitors, so we can have some sort of artsy connection and exchange of ideas if you are interested, keen? just hit me a line in my google profile:

  3. u only use pns camera and yet your photos are all superb! this is so admiring..currently i’m using nikon d70 and loving it still. yea, its great to exchange the ideas! it will be awesome! 🙂

    ohh..i try to view your blog but i need to be invite to do so. this is my email do invite me ricardo. i want to see more of your photo collection.


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