the fast walker, beautiful sky and me

rush mode, always. i use to be in this state and i really suit with the environment..i performed better indeed.

everywhere in this city, the fast walker are just everywhere.

and almost everyone but not everyone..almost.

then come this beautiful blue sky and candy cotton clouds..

everything below u just like having an absolute freedom.

just look the sincere smiles below u..the happiness u gave.

a choice between walking among the fast walker and living below the beautiful sky..
despite all the tracks & facts, the decision had be made. things & feelings..the sacrifices can’t be avoided.

i choose to be with u my dearie beautiful sky, that’s what my heart told me so..
our chemistry always there, unseen by naked human eyes..
it’s just too good to be with u, making a living like i dreamed of. live my life with u.
so dear, pls hold me tight..don’t let my courage shake, i’m creating a beautiful path below u..let me walk & run through it..towards u, dear.

so dear beautiful sky,
do embrace me like a lover and i would never look back on u..ever.

then we can have our morning coffee everyday and lets invite sea breeze to join us =)


11 thoughts on “the fast walker, beautiful sky and me

  1. i wish i have the courage you owned
    some may see you as running away,
    i see you running to.

    perhentian is my first love,
    tapi sekarang, redang grabbed the spot.
    you should so going to redang.
    kenapa sakit, kalau tak, boleh pergi sama2 kan.

    i truly adore your awan berkepul picture!

  2. beautiful blue sky and those cotton clouds will not last forever…smile to them and they’ll smile back at you. feel them while they’re still up there. stop open our sky…uhuk2. tiba2 pulok.

  3. aku agak kagum dgn bait2 ayat ko kt bawah tu … pic ko pun kemas … 1st pic interesting … yup! btol kata TUKANGBUATSHUSHI tu … awan tu mmg the best!

  4. salam…
    selamat menyambut ramadhan wahai sahabat…
    moga puasa kamu cukup tahun ni…
    dan jgn kerane tiada orang di rumah…
    kau mengambil kesempatan ni utk mengambil makanan dalam peti ais…

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