a dream chaser

dream chaser

dedicated to all the comarade


across a narrow back street and unpleasant view

against the wind of dust and harsh words

to learn from this sorrow & joy

shades of past..

we won’t stop being a dreams chaser

proudly stepping into our light

and will never look back.


11 thoughts on “a dream chaser

  1. ini gambar sgt menggiurkan atas alasan mood kaler diattach dengan poem yang berunsurkan semangat dari hati..hehe

  2. Kaled..manela kau skg nih..

    btw i will keep checking out ur updates sbb kat opis boleh bukak wordpress n flickr jer. no fb apetah lg belogspot!!

    nasib baik kau wordpress. checkout my wordpress too! 🙂

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