train portraiture

we went to annexe last nite hoping to attend a talk by steve mc curry..luck was not on our side, the sits were full and we just wondering outside the hall. thought, we still lucky enough to snap few pics with him (will be post later =p).

ohh..otw back, finally i manage to do what i want for so long. capture the portrait on train. and i call it train portraiture!

there are so many story on the train, look at the faces..observe & think..lots of thing can be learn.


8 thoughts on “train portraiture

  1. khalid, dis is quite random, though i have a confession.
    i really love ur photography works!
    rivetting and simple. cool je. awesome je.
    keep it up yow! saya mahu link kamu kerana saya suka gambar kamu. boleh?

  2. great 50mm bro..
    betul ke 50 mm?hehe
    b&w make em’ more dramatic and they got moments in each..good job..

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