tony & leah

tony & leah

tony is man of the sea, he live in his yacht called devotion. its been 5 years since he had devotion and start sail the world’s oceans. now he is with leah and they will start sailing together after this.

yi mei

yi mei

yi mei has been traveling around asia for past 6 months, her previous destination before coming to malaysia is india. malaysia will be the last stop before she going back to china.



she is a dive master at her age 21 yrs old now. caroline has been travel to europe and now traveling around southeast asia. back in norway she is a kindergarden teacher.

“i wish we could open our eyes to see in all directions at the same time..ohh what a beautiful view, if you were never aware of what was around you and it is true what you said, that i live like a hermit in my own head but when the sun shines again, i’ll pull the curtains and blinds to let the light in.”


7 thoughts on “inspiration

  1. We need inspiration from time to time. Kekadang tu saya rasa cemburu dengan kehidupan sebahagian kaum Mat salleh nie, mengembara dan travel dah jadi darah daging mereka, I wish I could do the same, thanks for sharing this my friend…

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