wise words


smile, originally uploaded by i luv it – led.

cerita pagi jumaat –
while having a very pleasant breakfast with my friend, tiba2 datang sorang pakcik asking to join our table, xkenal pun..tp ape salahnye breakfast with stranger rite? to cut story short, we had a very long conversation..almost 1 hour kot..the things i like most when listening to older peeps is the wise words coming out from their mouth. its like priceless. so let me quote 1 of his priceless wise words.

“do smile a lots, it cost u nothing but u might get something”
-pakcik sarapan sama

terima kasih pakcik.

*gambar hiasan dari koleksi candid shot saya di klcc beberapa bulan lepas

have a great day fella, ohh its friday..it will be great! hehe =] enjoy ur weekend! -led


3 thoughts on “wise words

  1. gmbr ni menarek sbb mood yg diberikan oleh kaler yg warm tu…
    gmbr ni menarek sbb kompo gmbr ni yg kemas…
    gmbr ni menarek sbb tompok2 lampu dibelakang subjek ibarat seperti titisan hujan yg berwarna…

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