up up and away!

its been a while since last time i went to putrajaya, this time i coming here way from ipoh together with e.z & pupu, fifi & ika also coming ( after went to sunburst just to sell their sunburst tickets hehe) sani was here, cak is coming and also pisol with 2 friends..and later on at night jengae coming with her friends. hoho so many photog rite? ohh lupa nak bitau, datang sini nak tgk balloons senanye! so without further due, heres some of my shots. enjoy!

and heres some night shot!

and here is my favorite shot of the day! thanks to jengae sbb jadi model and thanks to e.z for bringing the tripod


had so much fun lepak ngan kamu sume, till nextime ya..

sampai jumpa lagi! =]


hot air balloon fiesta, putrajaya


13 thoughts on “up up and away!

  1. wah.. best ni.. ari tu gi putrajaya nampak jalan jam.. tak tau plak apa.. rupanya ada belon panas.. dgr cerita, kena byr smpai beratus2 nak belon tu kan?

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