dare to pose b&w version

inspired by tyra banks’ antm shot and yem’s b&w


and here goes me! photograph by fifi, abaikan ika kat bawah tu..hahaha


Cool Talents : Baizulikha, M.Afifi, M.Khalid
Make Up & Styling : n/a
Set : Queensbay Parking Lot, Penang

Photograph by : M.Khalid & M.Afifi


p/s: any people want to volunteer as my model? dont need any specific criteria, just a sense of humor will do! hehe =]


16 thoughts on “dare to pose b&w version

  1. yeah…indeed…we are now searching for seductive talents to be developed accordingly..so wat u waiting for! just contact us! haha


  2. i always wanted to be ur model led. anytime..uhuk2.

    love dis entry so much. i’m also a fan of antm and a very big fan of YEM lalala..!!

  3. oi, aku igt lg, that last pic (yg ko suruh abaikan tu) bersungguh gila nak kasi muka kena lampu. haha. tu pasai gambar canteyy 😛

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