currently listening & watching what about now by daughtry

would u mind to spend few minutes of urs watching this vid?

can i make a difference?

one day

in a corner of the world

a light went on

the idea was born



9 thoughts on “currently listening & watching what about now by daughtry

  1. err…what about now?? hehe..tq led.
    dont follow the flow. find ur own path..then ur life will full of colors.
    dont bother the others. stand on ur own hearts. then u’ll be difference.
    huk aloh la..mcm baguh komen kwe.

  2. hahaha mmg bguh pn komen mu 2 cak..
    btw if u dont ming aku nk ltak bnde yg sme kt wp aku bley??
    humanity entry..

    aku upload doh pix gnting tu

  3. thx led.. selama hr ni aku mencari jgk blog ko tp x jumpa.. nsb baik ko comment blog aku.. as always gmbr ko makin mantap seh..

  4. that is why the awareness of public discrimination due to lack of funding and public attentiveness is crucial. we as individual must play our part. petitions are pointless, emails are easily ignored, physically involvement and contributions is what the world need.

    support the cause, let’s reach to the less fortunate citizen of the world.

    click here,


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