hello dreams 01 – penang!

hello people!

here is the reason why i named my blog hello dreams! dreams here specially dedicated to the all places that i always dreamed to go ever since. and now it’s time for me to realize it! hopefully by next 5 years i will complete my biggest dream, photograph the whole world! =]

here, as my starting point..i’m presenting to u all..hello dreams 01 – penang!

here i come!

penang, here i come!

penang 01
penang 02
penang 04
penang 04
penang 05
penang 06
penang 07
penang 08
penang 09
penang 10


and here goes some photos at gurney & feringhi.



love, lucky, longevity, happiness.

ohh, guess what? now i’m at penang again, penang have too many awesome places to go..so i will continue exploring the dream!  

cheers! =]



15 thoughts on “hello dreams 01 – penang!

  1. WOH! u captured all of my lovely Penang! lol…
    the 4th pic is like some transformer thingy on the background. XP
    i kinda like the girl who stands between the lights…
    all so lovely~

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